The Kathorus Documents

Bad Ideas, 2020, paper, collage, pen, silkscreen, pencil, ink, oil crayon on paper


3/4 Progress on The Edge of Play, 2019, 5-colour silkscreen on Cartiere Enrico Magnani 300gsm, 38cm x 27cm, edition of 25

“¾ Progress on the edge of play is rooted as a response to commercial lineages and traces that continue to have a profound influence on South Africa – often cutting through educational, geographical, institutional and  other social-political and psycho-social environments.

The economic relationship to value, mass accumulation, cultures, and economics is a game far too often played on paper.

Numbers consistently are added, subtracted, divided and multiplied with ease – notwithstanding that these mathematical measures have fundamental and real effects on people that deal with the reverberations physically. People cannot eat numbers for breakfast and dinner.”

Pebofatso Mokoena 2019

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